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You can NOT...

  • You can NOT claim the music as your own.

  • You can NOT register our music on any store or platform.

  • You can NOT use the music for audiobooks.

  • You can NOT make music, songs, or remixes with our music.

  • You can NOT register our songs with Facebook Rights Manager service.

  • You can NOT use our music on TV, Radio, public shows, theatrical performances or any type of advertisement unless you request a special license (Learn More). 

Commercial License for TV/Radio advertisement 

  • National / international tv radio advertisement.

  • Local tv / radio advertisement.

  • Online advertisement.

  • Public shows and theatrical performances.

  • Software, video games, applications + online courses.

  • Podcast and audio books.

  • Cinema, VOD (Netflix).

  • Web advertisement.

  • Background music (Gyms, Bars, Shops).

  • Music on hold.

  • Theatrical Performances.

If you want to use one of the available soundtracks for TV/Radio advertisements, you must purchase a commercial "Gold" license.  Please contact our sales team at if you have any questions.

The commercial license will allow you to use the soundtrack for:

Image by svetjekolem

Xigla Records

Rolling Down The Road

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