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Turn your subscribers into passive income

earn extra money from your YouTube channel

Let's become partners

Diversify your income by partnering with us. With a fast-growing number of content creators worldwide, the demand for our music licensing service is increasing every day. By partnering our music platform and your influence, we can be the next generation that influences the world.

How does it work?

We will create a special subscription plan with the name of your channel, then you will promote this subscription on your videos, and every time somebody buys a subscription you will earn 40% of the sale. This subscription is charged monthly so that means that every month you will be earning money from your subscribers.


Why would I do It?

Palm Trees

Passive Income

Get paid every month for the subscriptions sold by your channel membership. 


Vlog Editor at Work

Free Membership

Yes! we will give you a free membership so you can use any of our songs on your videos.


Handheld Camera

Invest and diversify

Earn money not only from your YouTube channel and sponsors but also from a subscription service with thousands of users around the world.



Potential for growth 

 YouTube has been taking over the entertainment world, that is why today is the perfect time to partner with a company like Xigla Records.

One Last Thing...

We have the best music!

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Costal Code.png
Don't wanna talk about it.png
Cup of Tea.png
De Nuevo.png
Disco Dance.png
Botanical Funk.png
Don't Lose Hope.png
Bring Me To Life.png
Don't Worry.png
Easy To Say Than Done.png

Apply to partner with Xigla Records

Space is limited 


Soundtrack your world

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